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My name is Sandra Parsons and I'm a professional freelance writer. I offer original content creation, ghostwriting, and editing services. 

My main area of expertise is personal finance, but I've also been known to write about psychology, education, and travel. 

I'm always open to developing new professional relationships and welcome the opportunity to work on new projects. If you're interested in my services, I invite you to check out my portfolio below and contact me to discuss your needs. 

Personal Finance

Pocketsmith Review 2019: Is it a Good Fit for Your Financial Needs?

With Pocketsmith, you can create budgets, track expenses, and make projections 30 years into the future. Is it right for you? This review helps you decide. If you’re trying to take control of your finances, you likely know that following a budget and tracking your cash flow are two behaviors you need to master. Sure, you can go old school and do it with a pen and paper or an Excel spreadsheet. But, if you’re more technologically inclined, you may prefer to have your complete financial picture
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