Sandra Parsons

Freelance writer specializing in personal finance, health & psychology, and travel


Thanks for stopping by — I'm glad you're here. 

My name is Sandra Parsons and I'm a professional freelance writer. I create engaging content to help my clients reach their goals. 

Need blog posts or long-form articles complete with expert research and fact checking? I've got you covered. 

Want to breathe new life into old, tired content? I'm on it. 

Want to build an online presence but can't find the time? I can help! Ask me about my ghostwriting services.

Writers always talk about finding a niche — an area of expertise. I know there's value in specialized knowledge, and I write in a few spaces I'm experienced and well-versed in:

  • Personal finance — I worked in banking for five years and have published extensively in this niche. 
  • Health and Psychology — I have a master's degree in psychology and spent four years working in primary healthcare research and evaluation at Memorial University. 
  • Travel — Ok, there are no special qualifications here, I just adore travel and helping people find ways to experience more for less.

I'm always open to developing new professional relationships and welcome the opportunity to work on new projects.

If you're even a tiny bit intrigued, check out my portfolio below. Like what you see? Contact me to discuss your needs. 

Personal Finance

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