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Let's Work Together.

My name is Sandra Parsons and I'm a professional freelance writer. I create engaging content to help my clients reach their goals.

Need blog posts or long-form content complete with expert research and SEO-optimization? I've got you covered.

Want to breathe new life into old, tired content? I'm on it.

Want to build an online presence but can't find the time? I can help! Ask me about my ghostwriting services.

Writers always talk about finding a niche — an area of expertise. I know there's value in specialized knowledge, and I write in a few spaces I'm experienced and well-versed in:

  • Personal finance — I worked in banking for five years and have published extensively in this niche. It's kinda my jam. 
  • Health and Psychology — I have a master's degree in psychology and spent four years working in healthcare research, evaluation, and policy. 
  • Travel — Ok, there are no special qualifications here, I just adore travel and helping people find ways to experience more for less.

And not to brag, but I'm pretty versatile. Have a topic in mind? I'd love to hear about it. 

Let's discuss your needs. Fill out the contact form or shoot me an email: 

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